The company’s policy in the field of quality

The company, consisting of ATTIKA LLC and Attika logistics, is organized on the territory of the Leningrad region for the development, production and sale of polymers and related materials, as well as the sale of purchased materials for the paint and varnish industry, for the production of adhesive, composite and adhesive materials. Strategic development of our Company: continuously improve the processes of development and production of resins, as well as the level of technical support to our Customers. The achievement of the strategic goal is realized by the top management fulfilling the following main obligations:

  • constantly improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the requirements of customers and end users;
  • fully satisfy customers by implementing modern approaches in sales processes and technical support for the use of products;
  • comply with applicable legal, regulatory, and technical requirements for the development, production, storage, and delivery of polymer materials to increase production volumes and product quality taking into account the requirements of each individual client by using the experience of world analogues of our products;
  • in a timely manner to improve the skills of personnel and maintain them at a high professional level;
  • monitor and analyze processes based on «best practices» according to the results of the assessment of opportunities and risks;
  • Involve all employees of the company in improving the company’s standards and customer service services based on the principles of openness and trust;
  • Use the world’s «lean manufacturing» technologies to create high-quality and competitive products;
  • The top management of the Company assumes responsibility for providing the Company’s management system with the necessary resources to achieve its goals and objectives.