Raw materials for paints and varnishes

Attika is a reliable supplier of chemical raw materials for the production of paints and coatings. Our company supplies raw materials for a variety of coatings for both industrial and decorative purposes.

Paint materials are classified as follows:

  • by purpose: industrial or decorative coatings;
  • by type of solvent: organic soluble, water soluble, powder coatings;
  • by application, etc.;

The main purpose of coatings is protection and decorative finishing of the substrate (surface to be painted) such as metal, wood, plastics.

Our many years’ experience in cooperation with leading European and Asian manufacturers of chemical raw materials, and in our long-term own development of paints and varnishes will allows us to recommend you the optimum coating system;

More information about our product range can be found below.

Attika GC offers chemical products for a wide range of industries. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions and to assist you in selecting the best option meeting all the requirements of the modern market.

You can download the Attika Product Catalog by clicking the link below:

Attika Product Catalog 2021