Raw materials for composite materials

Polymeric composite materials are other materials or substances distributed in the polymer matrix (volume) that form areas of micro or nano scale with a clearly defined phase boundary.

The properties of composite materials combine the complex properties of the components within them. Polymers of various types are used as the polymer matrix — thermo plastics (silicone, polyester, epoxy, aminoplasts, phenoplasts and other polymeric binders), thermoplastics (fluoroplastics, aromatic and aliphatic polyamides, polyolefins and other elastomers (vulcanized natural rubber).

The use of fillers makes it possible to change the electromagnetic, mechanical and physicochemical properties of the original polymer, and to obtain a material that significantly exceeds the initial components in its characteristics, and often reduce the cost of the final composite in comparison with the cost of the polymer base material through the use of cheaper filler .

The Attika company launched its own production of resins with  TM ATTSHIELD,  ATTGUARD.