Gelcoats and topcoats

Gelcoat is a special compound intended for use as a decorative protective coating for products made of composite materials. It has excellent moisture resistance and weather resistance. The first layer is applied on the matrix and after curing a structural layer is formed, then the product is removed from the matrix, the outer surface of which is covered with a gelcoat.

Gelcoat is a mixture of polyester resin, dye and special additives improving the physical and mechanical properties thus increasing resistance to external factors, such as UV radiation, weathering, osmosis.

Topcoat is a composition used to cover the finished fiberglass products. It is a gelcoat with paraffin additive which forms a film on the surface of the topcoat thus reducing the inhibitory effect of air on the polyester polymerization reaction.

ATTIKA manufactures gelcoats and topcoats using the RAL color scale for manual application (using a roller or brush) and spraying under its own trademark ATTGUARD.