Alkyd resins

Alkyd resins are sticky, highly viscous products of brown to light yellow color. They are used for the manufacture of quick drying anticorrosive primers, highly filled organic and water based enamels, high-gloss enamels, high solid (HSO) enamels.

Depending on the amount of oil residues, they are divided into very fatty (>70%), fatty (56-70%), medium (46-55%), lean (35-45%), and extra lean (<35%) resins. Lean alkyd resins dissolve only in aromatic hydrocarbons (solvent, xylene, toluene), fatty resins dissolve only in aliphatic HCs, medium-fat resins dissolve only in mixtures of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. The price is calculated individually based on the scope, terms of payment and delivery. Pickup by customer or delivery from any of our warehouses is possible. We offer you products manufactured by ATTIKA Alkyd resins