YD 011×75 — 8,70 USD/kg

YD 011x75

We offer you to purchase the product YD 011×75 at a special price.

YD 011×75 is an epoxy resin in a solvent. This product is a solution of a solid unmodified low molecular weight substance. The cured resin guarantees the production of high-quality coatings with a high level of mechanical properties.

YD 011×75 is used in industrial coatings. Application:

  • Enamels;
  • Primer-enamels;
  • General purpose coatings;
  • Construction paints;
  • Composites;

The product has a stable level of quality. The main advantage is the factor that less hardener is needed to create a high-quality coating. This advantage is available thanks to highly technical Korean production.

Coatings that are created on the basis of YD 011×75 demonstrate significantly better flexibility, as well as improved drying characteristics in the base from coatings created on the basis of liquid epoxy resins.