Metox 50W — 7,85 USD/kg

Metox 50W

We offer you to purchase the METOX 50W product at a promotional price.

METOX 50W is a methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. It is used as a hardener of NPS in the production of fiberglass products. To cure polyester resins, a special component (initiator) is required, which is peroxides.

Unlike some of its analogues, this product is more reactive. This advantage is available due to the active amount of oxygen, as well as the inclusion of peroxide in the product.

This product is in high demand in the market due to the Italian production and stable quality. It is advantageous to purchase a hardener together with resin. Another advantage for buyers is the ratio of price and quality of the product.

The METOX 50W product should be stored in a closed package at room temperature.