ATTACRYL A-HF 097 — 3,41 USD/kg

ATTACRYL A-HF 097 - 3,41 USD/kg

ATTACRYL A-HF 097 — sold at a special price.

ATTACRYL A-HF 097 –70% solution of acrylic resin in butyl acetate. The resin
is intended for the manufacture of coatings with a high dry residue that meets
current trends in reducing the use of solvents and thus
reducing volatile organic emissions during painting work.

It is most often used for:

  • Binder for transparent lacquers;
  • Finishing coatings for car repairs;
  • Commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery;
  • Industrial finishing coatings;

ATTACRYL A-HF 097 has high weather resistance, gloss and hardness.