YD 136, 136×80 — 9,23 USD/kg

YD 136, 136x80  - 9,23 USD/kg

We offer you to purchase the product YD 136, 136×80 at a discounted price.

YD 136, 136×80 is a universal epoxy resin diluted with xylene. This product is made of high-quality liquid epoxy resin. Great for general use, used in construction. YD136, 136×80 can also be used as a modifier for other epoxy resins, which in turn will improve their elasticity and impact resistance.

When used, the YD 136, 136×80 product provides high-quality features such as:

  • high stitching density;
  • high level of agdesia;
  • water resistance;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • fast drying time;

These advantages are available thanks to high-tech Korean production. The price of the product is quite high, but it fully meets the high quality.

Store YD 136, 136×80 in a dry place when exposed to room temperatures.