YD-128 — 9,00 USD/kg

YD-128  - 9,00 USD/kg

Special price for the product YD-128.

YD-128 is a solvent-free epoxy resin. The product is a mixture of ethylene amines with a predominant content of linear tetraethylene pentamine. These components work energetically with anhydrides, acids, as well as chlorinated carbohydrates.

This product is used as a hardener of epoxy resins, as well as as the main raw material in the production of some chemical products. Recommended use:

  • Sealants;
  • Adhesives;
  • Fiberglass binding elements;
  • The sphere of aircraft construction (connections of skin elements);
  • Shipbuilding industry (as a binder for fiberglass);

Product appearance: transparent yellowish liquid. It has a faint ammonia smell.

The main advantage of the YD-128 is a stable level of quality. It is available thanks to high-tech Korean production.