CARDOLITE NC 541*90 — 10,77 USD/kg

CARDOLITE NC 541*90 - 10,77 USD/kg

We bring to your attention CARDOLITE NC 541*90.

CARDOLITE NC 541*90 is a 90% solution in xylene of phenalkamine-hardener.
CARDOLITE NC 541*90, designed for epoxy coatings. It has excellent fast curing properties even at low temperatures and provides good adhesion on wet or other unprepared surfaces. For industrial protective coatings with severe operating conditions, good water resistance and corrosion protection.

CARDOLITE NC-541×90 is suitable for marine, industrial and protective coatings. It can be used for coating in cold and humid conditions, even on wet and poorly prepared surfaces. Fast curing and good hardness. CARDOLITE NC-541 can also be used in drinking water* and in applications requiring compliance with FDA 175.300.


  •  Excellent combination of fast curing and long service life at room and low (<5°C / 40°F) temperatures;
  •  Good adhesion to poorly prepared surfaces;
  •  Excellent water resistance;
  •  Good chemical resistance;
  •  Good elasticity;
  •  Compatible with most epoxy resins, solvents and their mixtures;
  •  Excellent corrosion resistance, reducing the need for anti-corrosion pigments;
  •  Non-toxic;