ATTALATE 541 L — 2,52 USD/kg

ATTALATE 541 L - 2,52 USD/kg

We bring to your attention ATTALATE 541 L.

ATTALATE 541 L is an alkyd resin of medium fat content. It is made on the basis of linseed oil, as well as modified phenolic resin.

It is used for quick-drying, anticorrosive primers, as well as primer-enamels. The finished product is used to cover metal structures.

It has the following advantages:

  • Accelerated drying time in natural conditions;
  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties;
  • Increased film hardness;
  • Excellent decorative properties;
  • Provides high performance characteristics of paint and varnish materials that are produced on its basis;

All of the above advantages are available thanks to raw materials.