ATTSHIELD OP 145 — 3,51 USD/kg

ATTSHIELD OP 145 - 3,51 USD/kg

During the month, the ATTSHIELD OP 145 product is sold at a special price.

ATTSHIELD OP 145 –this is a low-viscosity, pre-accelerated, non-thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin on an orthophthalic basis. Resin of medium reactivity. It is cured using IEC (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide: Butanox M-50, Promox P 200TX, etc. in an amount of 1%) at room temperature.

It is recommended for the manufacture of water tanks, septic tanks, baths, cooling towers, etc. by winding.

The advantages of this product also include an excellent price/quality ratio.