Quality, environmentandsafety

One of the main feature of our work is quality requirements, environment protection and labor safety.

All Attika products are certified and pass several stages of quality control of the finished product both at the stage of the production process itself and when the finished product arrives at the warehouse. We strive to provide world-class products at the best prices and convenience in logistics for our customers.

In the course of our activities, we pay great attention to environmental protection. In the production process, we try to optimize the process as much as possible in order to reduce the amount of waste and emissions to the environment.

Moreover, we are trying to develop new technological solutions that will allow our customers to develop more technological products: water-borne systems, systems that do not contain organic solvents, high-solid (HS).

Also we constantly try to improve the working conditions of our employees, because we believe that the main resource for any company is the personnel that creates, develops and makes the company really strong and successful.