About us

Company Attika was founded in St-Petersburg in 2003.

The main direction of the company’s business activity was the distribution of chemical raw materials, which exceeded the quality of similar materials on the market. As a result we have expanded the partner base of suppliers, increased staff and organized logistics structure.

The range of our production has been increased by raw materials for the chemical and coating industry from domestic and foreign companies.

We have oriented our activity for production and distribution of chemical products for the following directions:

  • Production of paints and varnishes
  • Production of building materials
  • Production of composite materials

Nowadays Attika is one of the leading producers of chemical raw materials in the market of the CIS countries. It has become possible, thanks to the well-established system of management, possession of a situation in the market of chemical materials of our segment, the staff of highly qualified employees, including 5 candidates of science and well-established logistics that allows to carry out long-term planning and to deliver production to our clients on time.

At present Attika is producing the products under its own trademarks:

ATTONATE ТМ aromatic and aliphatic isocyanates (Korea);
ATTCURE ТМ amines and polyamides for epoxy systems (Germany);
ATTDRY ТМ monometal and mixed driers (India);
ATTSHIELD ТМ unsaturated polyester resins (Russia);
ATTGUARD ТМ gelcoats for the production of composite products (Germany);
ATTLAMINE ТМ Melamine resins for paints (Korea)

All products are certified and widely recommended in the markets of the CIS countries.

Our company constantly strives to develop our business and provide the products and the service of the highest quality to our customers.

Attika’s goal is growth of competitiveness of the domestic enterprises by using of new progressive materials and technologies, which are offered by our company, for producing first-rate products.