About us

Company Attika was founded in St-Petersburg in 2003 by a few ingeneers. First steps were wate in the fields of distribution of powder coatings and industrial coatings, which were produced by several factories situated in North-Western region ofRussia.

The decision was taken in 2005 about diversification our business and expansion of international contracts with new suppliers, increasing numbers of employers and making its own logistic structure. The range of products have being increased by a raw materials for coating industry from international suppliers.

Due to dynamic development of Attika we have successed to make a partnerships with some European, Asian and American producers of raw materials for different industries: coatings, construction, chemical, power industry, PU, composite compounds, fiber-glass.

We constantly strive to develop our business providing to our customers the products and the service of highest quality and promoting new raw materials.

Our mission is growth of competitiveness of domestic producers by using new progressive products and technology for making first-rate products.